April 2018: Blind Tasting Results

The Barrel Proof Showdown

Number of members present: 17

Common Tasting Notes:

BlindTasting Notes
ANose: Cherry, light spice, oak, butterscotch, and almond.

Palate: Cherry cola, honey, leather, and oak.
BNose: Toasted popcorn, cinnamon, nutty, earthy and grass

Palate: Black pepper, mint, doughy, and rye spice. Pretty nice mouthfeel.
CNose: Butterscotch, cherry, pecan, vanilla, powdered sugar, and leather.

Palate: Old oak that comes with some wood tannins, orange, almond, and loads of cinnamon.


BlindAvg Score


AJack Daniel's Single Barrel, Barrel Proof - 131.9Bottled in 2018

Proof: 131.9
BWathen's Barrel Proof - Single Barrel Pick from Jack RoseBottled in 2017

Proof: 118.6
CElijah Craig Barrel Proof - B517Bottled in 2017

Age: 12yr

Proof: 124.2

Batch #: B517