October 2018: Blind Tasting Results

The “Beam me up Scotty” Blind Tasting…..

Number of members present: 18

Common Tasting Notes:

BlindTasting Notes
ANose: Mint, fresh oak, walnut, and cherry

Palate: toasted cereal grain, mint, vanilla, banana, and fruit.
BNose: Maple, orange, dark cherry, fig and old oak. Dusty funk!

Palate: Oak forward, fig, allspice, chocolate, and orange. Tastes like a dusty.
CNose: Butterscotch, coffee bean, vanilla, apple, rye spice, chocolate, and cherry. Great nose. Could smell it all day long. Very complex.

Palate: Old oak, cinnamon, herbal, rise, and peanut. Again, a mint of that dusty funk.


BlindAvg Score


AJim Beam Single BarrelBottled in ~2017

Age: NAS

Proof: 95
BJim Beam Distillers' Masterpiece Cognac Finish - 18 Year Old Bottled in 1999

Age: 18 yrs

Proof: 99
CJim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece Port Finish - 20 Year Old Bottled in 1999

Age: 20 yrs

Proof: 99